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Effective Roof Ventilation with Whirly Birds

Whirly Bird Recommendations

House Size Number of Units
1-2 Bedroom home 2
3-4 Bedroom home 3
5-6 Bedroom home 4

Whirly birds are essential for every home as temperatures in roof spaces can reach as high as 60°c, this heat radiates downwards causing discomfort in living areas and forcing air conditioners to work even harder. In fact 45% of cooling benefits from air conditioning is lost through the roof. Whirlybirds are specifically designed to remove hot air and moisture from the roof cavities, and replace summer heat and winter damp with fresh air, resulting in reduced energy costs and dry, more effective insulation. Moisture can result in mould, mildew, rot and peeling paintwork – save time and money by installing a whirlybird today.

Sanders Roofing uses only the best quality such as Spinaway MkII which is Australian made and backed by a 10 year warranty.

Whirly Bird Color Range Available

Effective Roof Ventilation with Whirly Birds

Whirly Birds: Roof Ventilation

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