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Re-pointing your Ridge Caps

Sanders Roofing is able to replace and fix concrete & terracotta tiles for many different styles of roof in many different colours.

Some common problems with tiled roofs are:

Problem: Loose ridge and hip caps, and or cracked pointing mortar.

Loose ridge and hip caps can be blown off in strong wind gusts. This is the most critical and important part of a tiled roof, and the most common area where damage occurs in storms.


  • Movement from temperature change (roof materials expand when hot, contract when cold). This is an on-going occurance every day (ie. temperature change between day and night).
  • Movement from house frame flexing.
  • Movement from ground shifting.
  • Roof moves more than any part of the house.

Solution: Re-Bed the caps.

Rebedding the caps means removing the caps and all the old bedding concrete. Then we lay a new 3:1 sand / cement mix, and reset the caps. After this we then apply flexible pointing mortar at 3-5mm thickness on the outer edge of the bedding cement, and across the top of the caps where they over-lap (the “collars”).


  1. Safe in even the most violent weather.
  2. Sealed and leak proof around the ridge and hip areas.

Ridge Cap Repair Showcase

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  • Re-pointing your Ridge Cap
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Roofing Services

Repairing broken tiles

Problem: Broken and cracked tiles.

Cause of leaks – both noticeable and unnoticeable.


  • External forces – eg. People walking on the roof in the wrong way, tree branches falling onto the roof, hail stones.
  • Movement from extreme temperature change, house frame flexing, ground moving.
  • Tile clips being too tight.
  • Tiny hairline cracks that were there since the tiles were made that then later “open up”.

Solution: Replace the broken tiles.

Benefits: “Peace of mind” from knowing your roof won’t leak.

Broken Roof Tiles

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