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Reroofing Kirrawee

Roofing is one of the major aspects of any building. A sturdy roof not only adds to the safety and security of the building but also adds to the beauty of the property. Roofs need to be checked and maintained periodically. If they are left unattended, roofing problems could pose serious threats to the stability of the building itself, especially in case of leakages.

Sanders Roofing, a family owned roofing solutions provider based in Sydney, is now expanding its business to Kirrawee as well. If you live in the suburb and you are looking for a competent reroofing service provider, we could be the ideal choice for you. Our roofing expertise lies in a vast array of services such as roofing installations, repairs, maintenance and renovations. We also help our customers with related services like guttering, downpipes and whirly birds, wherever necessary. In short, we are the complete roofing expert in Kirrawee.


Roofs are built to last and they are expected to withstand the trials of weather. Good roofs do not crack up or leak under extreme weather conditions. At times, it becomes necessary to do reroofing. This necessitates expert intervention. With more than 20 years of experience in installation, repair, maintenance, reroofing and renovation of roofs, Sanders Roofing can offer you the perfect solution for your roofing requirements in Kirrawee.

Our services

We offer various roofing services like

Roof repairs – We have great expertise in roof repairs. Roof repairs may be needed as a result of faulty or poor installation. Apart from this, wear and tear over the years also necessitates roof repairs. We are experts in replacing worn/broken roof ridges and roof tiles, rusty valleys, rusty box gutters, worn metal skillions, and worn/rusty skylights. Our roof repairing services are cost effective. We offer the added advantage of long-term maintenance of your roofs.

Roof replacement – In certain cases, the wear and tear or damage would be so high that your roof may need replacement. We have undertaken thousands of reroofing assignments in the course of twenty years. We can handle reroofing jobs of all types. So, if your family home needs reroofing, we are the right people to go to. We have a team of licensed roof plumbers and roof tilers who are well versed with all aspects of the job. Right from giving you the quote to actual installation and maintenance can be entrusted to them.

New roofs – If you are building a new home and are looking for a new roof, we can provide you with skilled workmen, who can undertake the roofing work in coordination with your builder and architect. Every decision would be made with your consent and you will be informed about the progress.

Apart from these services, we also undertake roof extensions, commercial roofing, and roof maintenance. Our professionalism, backed by our experience and expertise will ensure you an excellent roofing solution. So, if you are looking for roof repairs, roof replacement, new roofs, roof extensions or roof maintenance in Kirrawee, Sanders Roofing can offer you professional service at affordable prices.